November 20

Why we’re anti Black Friday

Why we’re anti Black Friday


We understand the popularity of Black Friday – huge savings + bargains to be had in the run up to Christmas. But truth be told, we’re not really fans of the whole rigmarole.

Big companies can afford to offer massive discounts on their products without feeling the pinch but for smaller, independent businesses like ourselves, it’s really tough to compete. Small businesses don’t have the profit margins to draw in bargain hunters with 70% off deals + often, they get lost in the shuffle. Especially now during the coronavirus pandemic when small businesses are already struggling.

Black Friday also promotes excess + wastage. Sure, some savvy shoppers manage to buy what they need, getting out unscathed, but in general, Black Friday encourages people to overspend + buy things they don’t need that usually gets forgotten about or chucked away. This goes completely against our brand + personal ethos of being good custodians of the planet + looking after our own health + wellbeing.

So instead of overspending + buying things you don’t need this Black Friday, we’re encouraging you to:

    • Think quality over quantity – buy fewer, better quality products rather than loads of tatt
    • Keep sustainability in mind – really think about the products you’re buying – what do they contain? How were they made?
    • Support independent businesses – they really need your help!

If you’re looking for more sustainable ways to shop, we have a section on this in our ‘small ways you can be more eco-friendly’ blog.

Just because we’re not participating in Black Friday doesn’t mean we don’t have any offers available. We know that times are tough for everyone right now so we’ve put together a little bundle that says thank you to our customers in a way we can sustainably afford…

Throughout November + December our Rose Quartz Gift Set will be available. Buy as a Christmas gift for a loved one or as a special treat for yourself.

Priced at just £49.99, the gift set includes:

    • Rose quartz shampoo + conditioner
    • Rose quartz crystal
    • Personalised snowflake Christmas card

Purchase your Rose Quartz Gift set here.

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